Monarch 5th Grade Science Lab Kit

Product Id - AO-KITSS05

Monarch 5th Grade Science Lab Kit


The 5th Grade Science Lab Kit from Home Science Tools contains the 16 most commonly ordered items for completing most activities in the Monarch 5th Grade Science Curriculum. Materials help you complete activities throughout the year that teach students about pond water organisms, different types of cells, the life cycles of plants, solar energy, and more.

Lab Kit Contents
Ruler, 30 cm
Magnifying glass, 2" diameter, 3X
Funnel, plastic, 65 mm diameter
Microscope slide set, basic
Clay, modeling, 1/4 lb.
Methylene blue, 1%, 30 ml
Seeds, baby lima beans, pack
Plaster of Paris, 4 oz.
Iodine solution (Lugol's) 30 ml
Pipet (medicine dropper)
Thermometer, Celsius, 12"
Seeds, corn, pack
Graduated cylinder, polypropylene, 100 ml
Jar, 4 oz., plastic, with lid
Spring scale, 100 g/1 Newton
Scalpel, plastic handle, #22

Science kits are shipped independently. Freight is included in the lab kit pricing. This kit is intended for parent/teacher use to complete curriculum lab activities with students. It includes items that are not designed or intended primarily for children ages 12 and under.