LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Lab Kit

Product Id - AO-KIT0800

LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Lab Kit


The LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Lab Kit from Home Science Tools contains the 46 most commonly ordered items for completing most activities in the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Science Curriculum. Materials help you complete activities throughout the year that teach students about physical properties, diffusion, molecular structure, and more.

Lab Kit Contents
Ruler, 30 cm
Ruler, clear plastic, 15 cm
Alcohol lamp burner, wickless
Test tube clamp
Stirring rod, glass, 6" long
Test tubes, small 13x100 mm
Filter paper, 11 cm, 10 sheets
Funnel, plastic, 65 mm diameter
Alcohol lamp burner stand
Pulley, single, 48 mm
Slides, plain glass, 12/pack
Iron metal filings, 30 g
Balloon set, 9 pieces
Friction pad, silk, 6"x6"
Friction pad, fur, about 4"x5"
Pebbles, fine gravel, 1 lb.
Sand, coarse, 1 lb.
String, heavy cord, 25 ft.
Rubber bands, 1.4 oz. bag
Paper clips, small, 100/box
Plaster of Paris, 4 oz.
Marbles, pack of 15
Nail assortment, 30 pieces
Paper, special set, 10 sheets
Razor blade, single edge, 1/pack
Electroscope, pith ball type
Iodine solution (Lugol's) 30 ml
Litmus paper, red, 100 strips
Litmus paper, blue, 100 strips
Pipet (medicine dropper)
Thermometer, Celsius, 12"
Seeds, grass, pack (wheat or rye)
Peat moss, 60 cubic inches
Ramp, economy (wood)
Beaker, polypropylene, 250 ml
Styrofoam ball, 1" diameter, 4/pack
Styrofoam ball, 2" diameter, 2/pack
Slide coverslips, student
Graduated cylinder, polypropylene, 100 ml
Glucose test strips, 10 pack
Horseshoe magnet, 1" Alnico V
Bar magnet, 1" ceramic, 2/pack
Phenolphthalein solution, 30 ml
Spring scale, 100 g/1 Newton
Tape measure, steel, 3 meters
Beaker, glass, 250 ml, HST

Science kits are shipped independently. Freight is included in the lab kit pricing. Because this lab kit contains "UN" chemicals, your order can only be shipped via economy or ground service.

Warning  WARNING: This product can expose you to Respirable crystalline silica (sand dust), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.